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Your website is your most important marketing asset and the basis for attracting and converting new customers. If your website is under performing, it’s likely your business will struggle to reach its potential. The majority of websites simply aren’t effective and it doesn’t have to be this way. If you’ve been looking for the best web design Brisbane company, your search is over.

Is your website designed specifically to attract your ideal customers? Does your website have clear calls to action that dovetail into your sales process? Have you gone through a process of conversion optimisation to maximise goals? Was your website designed and structured to work with your attraction and engagement strategies? Most business owners know when they have to improve their websites, but find it difficult to find the right web design company to work with.

At Media Heroes, we’re much more than a leading Brisbane web design company. We look at your digital marketing as a whole and develop highly effective digital strategies to make you money. Your website is the centre of your marketing and absolutely crucial to your success, so it’s essential to get this right. We design and build incredible websites that not only look amazing, but they’re designed to maximise conversions and deliver lasting results. If you’re looking for great web design and a team of heroes to help you super-power your business, then let’s talk. Start your journey with us by booking in for a FREE Discovery Session with one of our web design Brisbane experts.

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Website Design That Boosts Enquiries

Web Design Brisbane

A website is more than a pretty picture. Your website is your primary tool to generate enquiries, so getting this right is fundamental to your success. At Media Heroes, we offer a range of web design options, from high conversion lead generation websites to product-focused ecommerce websites. The majority of our lead generation web design solutions are built in WordPress and all our designs are customised for your business, so we can focus on attracting your ideal customers.

Once you book your FREE Discovery Session, we’ll begin to explore your business needs, look at the initial investment options and develop ideas to maximise your results. We take the time to understand your business, your competition and your customers before even thinking about design. A key stage in the Media Heroes Brisbane website design process is to conduct a thorough keyword analysis, so we can match your website structure to the search behaviour of your customers, right from the start. This allows us to plan your website design alongside a wider digital marketing strategy, perhaps including SEO or PPC, so you have the most effective solution to take your business to the next level. If you’ve been researching online for ‘Web Design Brisbane‘, ‘Website Design Brisbane‘, ‘Web Design Company Brisbane‘ you find a host a choices, but very few Brisbane web design companies include digital marketing strategy and a long term approach from the very beginning. If you want the best results for your business, talk to the team at Media Heroes today.

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High Conversion Website Design

Website Design Brisbane

AIDA is a marketing acronym, which stands for Attention-Interest-Desire-Action and it’s a core concept in effective web design. Applying this concept to your new Brisbane web design project helps us work together to develop the right design and communicate the right message, so your website stands out to your ideal customers and maximises your conversion rates.

Website Design Brisbane - Attention - Media Heroes

Web Design Step 1: Attention

Are you seeing tumbleweeds? Wondering where your potential customers are and how to get them to your website? The attention or attraction stage is used in the first phase of the Digital Marketing Profit Machine and this is all about getting qualified visitors to land on your website. If potential customers aren’t being driven to your website, then the best web design in the world won’t help you. This is why it’s critical to combine your new website with an effective attraction strategy including search engine optimisation or PPC.

Web Design Brisbane - Interest - Media Heroes

Web Design Step 2: Interest

You’ve got 1-2 seconds or I’m gone. If your website design doesn’t immediately make the right impression with your target audience, then all your marketing efforts are wasted. Your potential customers are asking the questions, ‘Can you help me?’ and ‘Are you the right fit?’, so answer well. Build your website for a range of devices, clearly show your services, then use the right colours, images and headings to connect with your audience. This is make or break, so go beyond a pretty website to really think about your ideal customers and their motivations. This is about customer-centric web design, so always start with your ideal customers and work back from there!

Website Design Brisbane - Desire - Media Heroes

Web Design Step 3: Desire

Building desire is really an extension of interest at a deeper level. Your potential customers are now asking, ‘Why should I choose you?’, ‘Can I trust you?’ and ‘Do you understand what I really need?’. You need to demonstrate you understand the pain points of your customers and show them the benefits of working with you. Build trust and demonstrate expertise through content and features within your web design, so potential customers feel comfortable choosing you. Remember this isn’t about you or your company; it’s about meeting the needs of your customers.

Web Design Brisbane - Action - Media Heroes

Web Design Step 4: Action

Your website is a sales conversion funnel. If you don’t have clear calls to action and well-defined goals, you’re wasting your time. Visitors may love your new web design, but if you don’t make it clear what they should do next, they’ll generally do nothing. You need to think about both hard goals (entering your sales process) and soft goals (joining your audience) to get the best results. The conversion rate of your website depends on having highly effective calls to action, measuring your results and making improvements as necessary.

Web Design Questions

Most businesses can gain a huge advantage from having a well-executed SEO campaign, as this attraction method offers such a good return on investment. If SEO could form part of your digital marketing strategy, then you definitely want your website built by a Brisbane web design company specialising in SEO. If you see the label ‘SEO friendly websites’, this is usually a cop out, so run away! Make sure your ask the right questions to ensure SEO is at the heart of your Brisbane web design company’s services. The structure, build, coding and content of your website is fundamental to whether SEO success is even possible. The last thing you want is a shiny new website that either needs to be completely rebuilt or has major disadvantages when starting your SEO campaign.

Buying a new website is challenging. On face value, websites seem to vary wildly in price and it’s hard to know what the difference is. Web design is labour intensive and requires a range of expertise to build and design them correctly. The price of a website reflects the amount of labour used to design and build it, so in order to make a cheap website, you can either pay less for the labour (e.g. outsource overseas) or you can spend less time building it. Either way, you’re taking shortcuts and although the website might look ok, it’s likely to have some major problems under the hood.

Cheap web design quotes usually include a build process using off-the-shelf template builders, which are commonly packed with features, but slow to load. Time spent planning the structure, developing calls to action, writing compelling content or doing quality checks is usually removed to keep the price down. Like everything in life, you get what you pay for.

If you get a cheap web design quote, there’s a good reason. Buying a quality website is almost always less expensive in the long run and as your website is your primary marketing tool, this isn’t something you want to skimp on. The best advice is to look at exactly what’s included in different website scopes and to choose a Brisbane web design company who’s truly focused on making you money over the long run, rather than just selling you a website.

The short answer is yes, but only when it’s an advantage for you and never at the expense of quality or performance. Website templates are widely misunderstood, partly due to overlapping terms used by web design companies. Design templates refer specifically to the designs for each distinct page within a website (e.g. template for the homepage and the template for the blog) and these can either be custom created, or downloaded as a pre-existing design template. Media Heroes doesn’t use pre-existing design templates, as we create designs uniquely for your business.

Often people talk about templates, when they really mean themes. Themes control the look and feel of a website and they contain lots of files often including pre-existing web design templates. While Media Heroes does use themes for certain web design projects to reduce the front-end development time, we always customise the design templates. Essentially themes allow us to provide greater value for the same investment, as we don’t need to create the whole build from scratch each time. We either use a theme we’ve developed ourselves or we use a few external themes that meet our strict standards.

Custom theme + custom design. This is used for the top shelf websites. If you need a website with specific build requirements, custom functionality and a completely unique design, then this one’s for you. Media Heroes offers this option when it creates a genuine advantage for your business or when it’s necessary to meet a precise brief. Although it costs a bit more to create a website this way, you get much more control over the functionality and design of your new website and we have the opportunity to create something completely unique.

Unlimited pages = alarm bells. This is ok if we’re talking about blogs, as all blogs allow you to add unlimited posts, but unlimited pages are different and this is normally a warning sign. Unlimited pages are actually quite common with budget web design solutions and although it sounds great, it’s really not. To build a website properly you need to create and design landing pages for a specific conversion purpose with unique images and high quality, styled content. With high performance websites, your web design company will normally include a price per page to allow time for individual page design, specific calls to action, content creation and content uploading and styling, but no so when we’re talking about unlimited pages.

Cheap web design packages offering ‘unlimited pages’ mean you only have a single page design, so all pages look the same and things like content creation, styling, adding images, testing and everything else are normally excluded. Essentially, you’re buying a skeleton website and you have to do a lot of the work yourself. An unlimited pages website will usually have an inferior design, less professional content, a lack of structural planning, and it will almost certainly have major SEO issues. Like the saying goes, “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”.

The answer really depends on what you need, as we design every solution to meet your business goals. Our website design solutions start from as low as $3,500 plus gst, but our average website is between $5,000-$10,000 plus gst and fully customised solutions tend to be a little more.

Although cost is important to consider, our advice is to focus on what business outcomes you want to achieve and then to work back from there. If you only focus on price, it’s normally a false saving, and you’ll end up with a website that fails to deliver the results you expect. However, if you’re working with a limited budget, we can always stage the build, so you have a fantastic web design solution that you can add to over time. The best place to start is to book in for a FREE Discovery Session with one of our Brisbane web design experts. We’ll explain everything clearly and provide you with a range of options to consider, so we can find the right solution for your business.

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