You Can Trust Me, 5 Easy ways to gain trust on the Internet

Clear and Polished Brand design.

Often clients surprise us with a new logo for their business and expect us to shoehorn their “My son made it” logo into their newly designed site. You need to be careful with this as your brand can make or break your business and your logo is super important. For example Target Corporation can be easily identified; you can probably already picture its red, white target-like logo. Even without seeing the website, they know what to expect. Our expert web designers here at Media Heroes are more than happy to help you create a logo to make your brand stand out.

Affiliations and testimonials.

Affiliations are great for small businesses. While the customer might not know your brand, they may recognise one of your affiliations and transfer that trust from them to you. Back when I was freelancing, I was looking for a hosting solution and came across Media Temple.

Affiliations with big brands goes a long way to gain trust on the internet
Affiliations with big brands goes a long way to gain trust on the internet


They presented a nice large graphic showing the brands they look after. Recognising a total of 11 logos out of the 15 was a massive trust signal and I hosted with them for 2 years. I am not saying you will need that many, but even one can turn your website from a random website to a trusted one.

Up-to-date Social Media Accounts (bridging the gap).

Never before can a customer be more connected to a company then now. I remember last year, I sent a tweet to one of my favourite companies as an offhand comment and I was happily surprised that company replied to my post. That interaction turned a voiceless company into a humanised entity. People have real trouble trusting a company until we can humanise it. Social media helps people understand that you aren’t just a company you are a group of people they can trust.

Pictures and Visuals.

A picture tells a thousand words. Including pictures makes your website appear more attractive then someone with less photos. If you have no images, you seem like you are in a rush or haven’t put enough effort into your website, this is where people can lose trust.

Your Team or Author Info.

People don’t want to buy from a faceless entity. Depending on what your company does, a great way to gain the trust of a client is to include a team page or information on the authors of your blog. People want to know who they hiring or buying from. This is another way for the client to turn your faceless company into a group of dedicated individuals.

Have a look at your current website and see how you make potential customers trust you. What trust signals have you come across on the web? Leave a comment down below and let us know!