5 Quick tips for a faster website

As most of us should now know Google loves a fast website. Because people are impatient Google has built its algorithm to know when a site is fast in order to deliver us quality results.

Here are five easy steps you can take to get your sites speed up:

1. Check what country your hosting’s servers are in. The further information has to travel the longer it takes to arrive. If your business is in Australia then so should your server be. You can check your server location here.

2. Image sizes.  If you have a blog or CMS site make sure that you are adding images that are the exact size needed and not missive images that have then been scaled down, as this will add needless file sizes to your site. If you don’t have access to an image-editing program there are many online options that you can use. One example being http://www.picresize.com/.

3. Collate your external requests. This one is on the technical side and will need the help of a developer but in a nutshell your site should load as few external scripts as possible, these are your css and your java scripts.

Ask your developer to collate them in to just one css file and one js. file if possible.

4. HT access files. There are lots of very clever htaccess scripts that can help to speed up your site. We recommend starting with leveraging browser caching, specifying a cache validator and minimising DNS look-ups.

All servers are slightly different so we suggest talking to the technical department of your hosting company or your developers for advice on the exact scripts you should use.

5. Speed testing for further diagnoses of your site. A good speed tester that we recommend is Pingdom. There is lots of useful information that Pingdom provides but the easiest one to follow is the overall grade anything over 75 would be considered to be good if your site is 70 or below we recommend taking some urgent action to speed things up.

Speeding up your website up can sometimes be all that’s standing in the way of your websites and its search engine results taking a big leap forward so it’s worth every company taking a look at this easy win.

At Media Heroes, our SEO experts know what it takes to give your business a faster website. Get in touch today to find out more.