Design Portfolios – Not Resumes

Seems easy, hey. Well what about creating a website for yourself?

While the process is much the same, for web designers, creating a site for themselves is often one of the hardest single tasks.  Who would have thought, right? You’re a designer – just do what you do!

A common obstacle we face (other than the obvious one of trying to find the time) is how to visually portray our work, skills, creativity and personality in a single location while keeping it interesting, fresh and a source of inspiration.

It’s a hard task bragging about yourself – But one that must be done.

A portfolio isn’t just about bragging and showing off your mad talent (both true and false), but as a Brisbane web designer in the digital era, your potential clients, and employers only believe what they see – your portfolio then becomes visual evidence of how amazing you are – it adds trust and professionalism which you wouldn’t get from other means such as a resume.

Aside from trust, having a portfolio site entitles you to:

  • Introduce you and your brand to the world
  • Reveal your true style as a designer
  • Showcase your top projects to date
  • Push the pixel boundaries & create something unique
  • Inspire people everywhere!

Fact: 1.5 out of 7 designers in an office have a portfolio site.

Go figure!

The double edge sword that is your portfolio has the means to either make or break you. Fair or not, a portfolio site usually defines the web designer. Simply remember your vision and purpose, and the rest will flow.

What are you waiting for?

Design Portfolios – Not Resumes!