Getting your social media engine warmed up. How to get things started for your business.

Social media intimidates a lot of companies and it’s understandable. There are so many online marketing outlets out there, that it sometimes seems like a monumental task just to know what they are, let alone learn how to use them and then keep them active!

So I’m going to make things simpler for you; if you have no social media at all these are the ones to get started with;

  • Facebook:  Most of you will have experience with using Facebook and friends who can help you get your Facebook pages first few likes.
  • Twitter: Twitter is a great way to send small updates to your community. Tweets are only 140 characters short but they sure can grab your audience attention!
  • Google+: It’s always good to have Google on your side and the Google+ platform is built to integrate with your Google places (map), website and content produced by your company.
  • Pinterest: If your website has high quality image content or is an online store Pinterest is an absolute must.
  • LinkedIn:  Add a business and individual profile if you can. LinkedIn is great not only for networking but also to reach smaller communities. There are groups within LinkedIn for all types of industries.

So now you know where to start. Next I’m going to tell you how to get started with minimal effort.

Step one. Think about how to word your online company profiles, What is your story? In some cases this will be your first impression with new leads so invest some time in this important part. When writing your business’ description or bio, make sure it is unique to avoid duplicate content.

You can find an example on how to write a killer Twitter bio here.

Step two.  If your website doesn’t have a blog, get one. The advantages of a blog on your website are well worth the cost of getting one installed. Make sure that the blogging platform used is able to generate “RSS feeds”. This will be important in later steps.

Once your new blog is installed make sure you have social sharing buttons on each blog post so that people can share them easily.

Why do you need a blog I hear you ask? Isn’t that just going to give you even more work to do? Well actually no, it’s going to make everything much simpler.

Step three. Link your blog up to your social media platforms so your blog posts are automatically posted in your social media. Now you only need to post an article on your blog and your social media accounts will automatically share your new content.

Now there are drawbacks to automating posts (which I will be talking about more in the future) but to get your social profiles warmed up, automatic posting will do just fine.

 How to link your blog to your social media

Well there are a LOT of different options, but an easy to use and cheap option is called It grabs the RSS feed from your blog and then delivers it to your social profiles.

If you’re not sure how to find your RSS feed you can ask your developer. But it’s usually something along these lines:

You will need this when setting up your delivery routes. You can do this for Twitter, Facebook and Google+. There are a few options when setting up your deliveries, you can choose how many posts can go out per day, what content they pull from your website and how often/what time of day they are delivered.

Once set up your feed routes will also collect data about the “clicks” that each post receives, how many people opened the link and where in the world they are. Super useful!

Pinterest doesn’t offer automation at the moment but by having a Pinterest pin button on your products and posts you can easily pin your content to your Pinterest boards from your website.

You should also link your Pinterest profile to your website. This allows your pins to link directly to your website. See here for instructions.

And that’s it; you should now be ready to get your social media started with minimal effort.