If Facebook Updates Were Real Life

We are all on Facebook. If you aren’t on Facebook I’m impressed that you have a computer with which to read this under your rock. Despite all the predictions FB (Facebook) continues to be the benchmark that all other social mediums measure their success against. According to my research * (*I have actually not done any research):

  • 98.7% of all communication with friends is done through FB
  • 7% of people can’t actually remember what their friends faces look like without looking at FB
  • 87% of people have taken a selfie in their underwear and accidentally uploaded it to FB
  • 15% of peoples Facebook password is “facebook”

and finally and I think most sadly

  • 6% of children under 7 listed FB as their favourite food

I’m sure we would all agree that FB is great at telling us what we want, when we will have it and how we should feel about that thing we want.

The team Extremely Decent Films have created a very nice digital number exploring this idea to show us just how much we buy into the FB world and how much trust we offer and how little control we have:

A great little video by a clever bunch of people. Check out some of their other clever if not slightly messed up and politically incorrect vids like;

Gollum vs Smeagol Rap Battle


A Canadian Mugging

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