Web Design Showcase – 3 Sites that continue to inspire me today.

Thanks to technology advances such as Browser Advances, Super Fast Internet, Responsive Design, New coding techniques such as Jquery, CSS3 and HTML5, right now couldn’t be a more exciting time to be in the web design Brisbane industry. We have welcomed these advances with wide open arms. As we continue to evolve our techniques we are able to push those pixel boundaries of web design.

What I love most about these advances in the industry is seeing the output of super cool stuff designers are creating. Wether its focused on the user experience or the great use of layout in design, the purpose of my blog post today is to proudly share with you 3 sites that continue to inspire me today for one of these reasons or another – thanks to the evolution of the web.

# 3 – Rdio.

RDIO made using flat design elements - web design
RDIO made using flat design elements – web design

Boldness of Flat design

A year on from first discovering Rdio, each time I load the page it never fails to impress. The use of flat design elements (a current design trend that’s booming), the simplistic layout, responsive grid, and user interactions via CSS3 transitions makes this site a top choice. They have done a great job with the content, laying it out in a very clear concise way that fits with the natural flow of the browser – the vertical scroll. Although vertically scrolling annoys some people, personally Rdio couldn’t have got it more right. Its simple, bold, and it works.

#2 – Zensorium  / Tinke.

Zensorium/Tinke enhancing user experience with a vertical scrolling parallax - web design
Zensorium/Tinke enhancing user experience with a vertical scrolling parallax – web design


User interaction at it’s best.

A great example of focusing on the user experience, Zensorium have successfully portrayed breakthrough technology is not just their product ‘tinke’ but their website too. Hoorah! The use of a vertical scrolling parallax means users are instantly engaged with the use of movement that has a purpose – it tells the story of tinke. By the time you reach the bottom, you are all ‘tinked up’ and super eager to go back to the top just to scroll again.

#1 – Grovemade.


Grove focus on product promotion - web design
Grove focus on product promotion – web design


Keep it simple, stupid! (or “Stupidly simple!”)

Grovemade is nothing short of groovey! I stumbled across this little gem when googling for Iphone accessories. What I found was not only a very unique product but an inspiring story, and a website that ticked all corners of the cool box.  Typically with e-commerce stores it’s very easy to clutter the page with nonsense and forget the main focus of the site – to promote your product.

But Grove have this down.

The imagery in the slider alone (which is powered by Jquery) promotes Grove’s unique product range which is enough to feed your appetite and complete the click through. Skate back iPhone cases? Heck yeah, you get my click! The overall design has a ‘handmade craftsmanship feeling which is essentially the essence of Grove – Handmade in Portland. I love their take on this.

The products page is a simple jaw dropper. No fluff here, just nice sized thumbnails that are large enough you can see the quality and intricate details of each case. As you scroll down, the page gets more interesting, we are educated on the quality, originality and handmade aspect of grove products. Big bold text and hand drawn diagrams ties this site together into one groovy little package. A total winner.

If you get the chance I recommend to check out Grove’s about page and watch the making of the Skate back on their blog, it’s all inspiring stuff!

Tell I’m a fan?

As Grove say: Keep it simple, stupid! (or “Stupidly simple!”)

As you can imagine the web has advanced a fair bit over the past 5 years. I have watched and pushed pixels through each of these changes and have been inspired by the creative influx of sites that have followed. I hope each of these sites help fuel that inspirational hunger for your next project just as much as they have mine.