Is your accounting software working for you?

I would like to expand on the great article written by our very own and super talented designer Ben Wilkinson last week. Ben explained that software such as Xero can help automate your business.

Xero is a cloud based accounting system. Sounds scary huh? Surely anybody can access my accounts if everything is online? What about security?

Lets put it this way, you probably already do all your banking online these days, right? Xero uses the same level of security as the major banks, there is nothing to fear. However if you are living in the dark ages and don’t do your banking online, perhaps Xero is not for you. For the rest of us it is the future, here is why:

  • One of the major frustrations with traditional accounting software is that it is on a computer in your office.
  • If you need to share information with your accountant or bookkeeper they have to come into the office or you have to save the file to a USB and deliver it to them. Sounds fine – but could there be a better alternative?
  • If the computer breaks or worse is stolen you lose your entire accounting file, unless you take regular backups of the file . Lets be honest who really takes regular backups of their accounting file?
  • You can only access information when in the office. This may not be a problem, but wouldn’t it be nicer to invoice clients from the beach? I’m kidding. But wouldn’t it be better to have access any time, anywhere?

With Cloud based accounting software your accountant or bookkeeper can work on your accounts in real time from anywhere, this will save you time and money.

You can access your accounting system anywhere; from your smartphone to your tablet or laptop. This means for example you can invoice your customers while they are buying from you.

Xero can even chase unpaid invoices automatically, it is not even reliant on you reconciling the bank account manually. Xero will talk to your bank account and knows when a customer has paid you. All this gives you more time to attract new customers rather than spending time calling the ones that have forgotten to pay you!

Forget about dropping USB sticks to your accountant they can access all the information they need online so you can concentrate on doing what you do best and running your business.

If you lose your computer, or it gets stolen you can simply access your accounting system from another device and your valuable finance data will be safe with you!

On top of all these great benefits Xero is extremely well designed, looks great and is super easy to use unlike most of the clunky traditional hard drive located accounting software.

Cloud computing is the future; it is here to stay. The time to embrace it is now. You can start small like we did with Google’s email, Gmail, progress to using Google Drive, Sheets, and more. As your confidence grows and you realise the benefits of Cloud computing you will undoubtedly dive right in and “Go Cloud” with your whole business.

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