Simplify App Development By Building Hybrid Apps

Native software development kits are commonly used to create apps in either operating system, meaning that to have your app supported by both you’ll need to write two separate versions of an identical app, and that’s if you don’t want to offer support for Windows Phone and Blackberry.

For agency app dev work, building hybrid apps save you a lot of resources, training and potentially hiring of developers with specific talents. In a nutshell a hybrid app allows you to translate an app written in a more common programming language into either native language.

This means you don’t need to learn how to use native software development kits to write functional apps.

Code Translation

In the case of Titanium, it translates the code into native programming language for well known software development kits such as iOS and Android. Because of the fact that Javascript is a well known and widely used programming language in the dev community, these programs allow web developers Brisbane wide who otherwise wouldn’t have advanced knowledge of native programming language to develop world-class apps.

Web Content Wrap

Another way hybrid apps are created is by using web programming languages and executing them locally on the phone with HTML5. These programs include Phone Gap and Sencha. The issue with these is that their performance are binded together with the mobile browser which limits performance; functionality and speed. This is a good option if you are turning an existing web project written in HTML into an app, or something lightweight and simple.

What Version of Hybrid to Choose?

It comes down to whether your app requires advanced functionality or simple features. If you plan to take your app to the marketplace then go with code translation. This kind of hybrid app development is actually becoming increasingly popular due to the gap between cost and quality narrowing between it and native.

This article was written by Thierry Ruiz, lead app developer from Brisbane’s Orange Digital. For more info on why Orange Digital prefer hybrid apps to native read their blog on the topic.