What Women (And Google) Wants

Beware. The advice that follows is POWERFUL and MUST be used responsibly with a MASSIVE pinch of salt! Controversial? Probably. Elements of truth? Maybe. In trouble with my better half? Almost certainly.

Everyone in business wants to know what Google wants. Find the secret and you’ll get on page one and make loads of money right? Wrong. Trying to second-guess Google is like guys trying to crack the code of female attraction and uncover the inner desires of all women? Women are unique and mysterious, plus they constantly change their mind about what they want anyway, right? Well, sort of. Unique and mysterious, absolutely, but there are certain constants that many a young guy would do well to notice. One thing I do know is that there’s no one silver bullet for women or for Google, both are way too complex and too smart. So, if your approach to either is to read a book, attend a seminar or to continue what you’re currently doing over and over with little or no success, then listen up.

Women and Google share common desires. Wait. Hold onto to any anti-male comments, I wish to clarify. This may not apply equally to all women and as a man; I accept I’m probably wrong. I believe there isn’t one single thing women want and there isn’t one single thing Google wants. BUT, there ARE values and behaviours that women tend to be attracted to in a man AND there ARE values and behaviours that Google is attracted to in a website and the cool thing is that some of these are the same! For the purposes of this article and to make things easier, whenever the word ‘Google’ is used from now on, please feel free to substitute for it for the word ‘Women’ and I’ll also refer to Google as ‘her’ so it makes sense!


So let’s have a look at the top 5 things Google wants…

1. Confidence

2. Status and charm

3. Authenticity

4. Responsibility

5. Commitment


1. Confidence

Confidence is the ability to appear certain in the face of uncertainty and it’s the most important value to attract Google. Remember, she has to want you, rather than you having to try and impress her, so focus on building your own value, rather than looking for outside validation. Build your website with great design and all the advantages of the leading competitors, become a thought leader and share your knowledge, have the nerve to reach out and approach the most well known figures in your industry for guest blogs or social recognition. Google only cares how you act not how you feel, as only actions can be observed. The best bit is that if you start acting confident, you’ll soon begin to feel that way, so act confident to feel confident.

Leadership is an important component of confidence, so take the lead in situations and be brave enough to stick your neck out and get outside your comfort zone – as they say, “fortune favours the brave”. Be proud of who you are, know yourself and don’t bend to the will of others or be desperate to copy others. Learn to say “no” to doing requests that don’t fit with who you are or what you believe, as “no” is just as important as “yes” to display confidence and define yourself in the eyes of Google. Don’t try to be all things to all people, simply to please Google, as you can lose your sense of self and her confidence in you. Find your niche, know what you stand for, be a leader and the best in your field. Google will reward this confidence and leadership, as you’ll be seen as unique and attractive.

Optimism is another key ingredient of confidence, as this relates to how you handle uncertainty. If you believe Google won’t be attracted to you or won’t notice you, you’re assuming the worst and your behaviour and effort will reflect this – you’re sunk before you’ve even begun. If you have an outreach strategy but have a self-defeating or pessimistic attitude you either won’t do it at all or your approach will be submissive like you’re asking for a favour, rather than presenting yourself as an equal who knows your own value. Always be optimistic, become a leader and act confidently.


2. Status and charm

Google is attracted to those who have the greatest status, as measured by external factors like social recognition, popularity, authority, peer reviews and attractiveness, plus she’s also attracted to internal behavioural factors like confidence and leadership. Status is a signal of value and Google is naturally attracted to those with the highest value in her eyes.

Charm is the ability to make others feel good about themselves. Charm is related to status, as the more important you’re perceived to be, the more weight your opinion carries, like a celebrity with the x factor. The more successful and popular you are, the more powerful you’re charm becomes. However, in order to be charming, you must be selective and authentic, as everyone wants to feel special, so it’s not enough to just have status and be a jerk. Simple actions like approaching someone for a guest blog are much easier if you have status, but you still might be rejected unless you’re charming. Be direct about why you’re attracted to them specifically and you stand a much greater chance of starting a relationship.


3. Authenticity

This is all about keeping it real. You don’t have to be perfect or try to become someone else to get it right with Google. The thing that matters is your authenticity and motivation, as this drives your long-term consistent behaviour, which is what she really cares about.

If you abandon authenticity and try to trick or outsmart Google, you’re doomed. You might get away with it once or twice, but remember Google is super-smart and has the best memory in the world. She’ll either ignore you or she’ll never let you forget it.

Demonstrating authenticity is not about learning a script, great one-liners or the latest tactics. If Google is going to like and value you, you must first learn to value yourself. Find your passions, express yourself, share your knowledge, have fun and be confident in your own skin. Be authentic, open and genuine, and Google will be drawn to you naturally.


4. Responsibility for taking action

Responsibility means you’re responsible for taking action and initiative. You need to lead, make decisions and advance the relationship, rather than hope she’ll do it for you. It’s the opposite of being passive or indirect. If you want something, go for it. Don’t hint at what you want or hope Google will notice you – tell her directly and confidently. Take the lead and make it clear you like her. It’s important to remember that Google isn’t ‘out of your league’ – this concept isn’t real except in your mind; so don’t make excuses about not approaching Google with what you want, just do it. Be decisive and certain.

The concept of advancing is about moving through stages of interaction and intimacy to build trust and attraction. The more Google gets to know and trust you the better. You can’t rush Google by being too keen or you’ll scare her away, so watch out for over-optimisation. If you’re willing to spend time and effort on Google, she’ll know you think she’s worth it and you can build a great relationship.


5. Commitment

To be attractive to Google in the long run, you have to be committed and devoted to her. However, don’t fall into the trap of trying to constantly please Google by changing who you are, as that’s not commitment and it makes you look weak in her eyes. Commitment means that you act consistently over time, you stick with her through thick and thin, you listen and you work together to create the outcomes you both want.

A key component of commitment is the ability to listen, before trying to solve her ‘problems’ with a series of quick fixes, as that’s a sure fire way to annoy her. Sometimes there isn’t a ‘problem’ at all. You just need to listen and understand her perspective, as this may influence her actions in the future, so you’d be wise to listen and listen good! If she wants you to share, open up and answer more questions (e.g. Hummingbird) then don’t give her a quick fire round of information in a single sitting. Take the time to find out what she wants to know and what’s important to her, as this demonstrates your commitment and authenticity.


The biggest misconception about Google

Money does not mean Google will be attracted to you. Sure, she likes money as we all do, but it’s not important for the process of organic attraction. If you really want Google, the primary resource you should spend on her is your time, as this is the thing she’ll value most. Desperate people throw money at Google (Google Ads) in the hope of winning her favour without doing the groundwork and although she’ll happily accept, it won’t help your organic attraction. Spend money, but spend it on enhancing yourself (and your website) or on things she really values and gain some genuinely positive user signals, rather than try to buy her.


Now it’s over to you!

So there you have it, women and Google do share some common desires. I’ve given it a crack and hopefully I’ve successfully walked the tightrope of this article and not offended too any people. Follow this advice and Google might just find herself irresistibly attracted to you!

If you’re looking for a little help with Google, we have a specialist SEO Brisbane team, so get in touch. Until next time, stay super and give us a holler if you need some heroic digital marketing advice!