Why every Office should have an Ouya

We work hard, play hard

On January 19th, I pre-ordered my Ouya. You may have heard the roller-coaster of a ride the backers of the project went through in order to get their consoles. I did technically get mine after launch but it was worth the wait. I received it at work and immediately set the Ouya up in the office with a few Xbox controllers and invited some people to play. Everyone in the office crowded around to see us play. It was a great experience seeing team leaders and junior designers all interacting on the same level. That’s why I wanted to write this article to let other companies know why they should have an Ouya in the office and how it can help boost your employee’s productivity and more importantly their health.

Ouya gaming console
Ouya gaming console



The Ouya is cheap, $99 + shipping and $50 per extra controller. The games are really cheap too. Only one of the games I have purchased was over $5. Compare that to any game on Wii, PlayStation or Xbox and its nothing. Because of the nature of a lot of the games on Ouya, it makes the perfect fit for an office lunchtime escape. Games such as BombSquad, Tower Fall, No Brakes Valet and Super Crate Box are great for the office with rounds lasting from as short as 1 minute to as long as 30 minutes.

Game screenshots - Ouya
Game screenshots – Ouya


My top 3 OUYA games

Tower Fall is a deceptively simple multiplayer game in which you shoot arrows at each other, in a cute pixel art setting. Rounds are very fast paced lasting about a minute (even without the time limit). This is my favourite and one of the offices favourites as well.

BombSquad is a great game to blow off steam with flailing physics and hilarious shenanigans.

Super Crate Box is a fast arcade game for the solo gamer and No Brakes Valet is just madness. All these games are quick to pick up and simple to put down.

So the Ouya is great but why should your office get one?

Working in an office often means we have to sit for most of the day, which isn’t healthy. It increases the chance of heart disease, diabetes and significantly lowers your life span. Most companies can’t afford to convert to standing desks and not everyone enjoys standing all day.

The Ouya is smaller than a can of coke and super light as well. This means it can easily be attached to walls or to the back of a screen, making it easy to set up a standing gaming station. The lack of chairs gives a more open feel to the whole experience allowing anyone from any department to pick up a controller and play.

This would give people a reason to stand up for 30 minutes to an hour, get the blood flow going again and stretch their legs. Games like Tower Fall and Super Crate Box are so quick you can even fit them into a 10 minute break.

Neurologist Daphne Bavelier mentions in one of her talks that gamers actually have better eyesight than non-gamers, with a greater ability to tell greys apart. Video games also increase our ability to solve problems faster. For us at Media Heroes and I’m sure your company too these are great skills to have!

A standing Ouya setup is a great addition to any office and will help promote togetherness, healthy bodies and add in stress relief. What other games would you like to have at your office?