5 Steps To Being A Creative Idiot

We can’t all be the Salvador Dali’s of creativity all the time. Now and then, Taylor Swift is as good as it gets. That’s ok, not everyone sees dripping clocks and the nature of god, some people like thinking in love clichés and musing about how good a particular DJ is.  As an official idiot (I made my certificate with sparkles and glue – that makes it official) I have developed a set of tips I use when I am feeling more Bieber than The Beatles.

How to keep the creative ju-ju flowing

Make sure you never have the horrific emptiness that comes from the lack of creativity. Here are a few of the key techniques I use to keeping the creative juju flowing…

Step one: Play                 

The best ideas can come from play.  So take some advice from an official idiot:

Take five minutes every day, and spend it doing something idiotic.  Be stupid, spin on your chair, make paper airplanes and most importantly have fun! Imagination is like a muscle people forget that they have when they grow up.  Keep it flexible and strong by doing something very silly every day!

Step two: Use your sponge

Your brain is like a sponge, instead of just filling it with blood, adverts and tasty oxygen, make sure you keep it regularly nourished with ideas.  Read comics, travel, listen to new music, dance, hug (willing) strangers.  Make sure you ingest something new into your brain belly every week.  This will fuel your creativity.

Step three: Daydream

A lengthy discussion around the office yesterday was: would you have the power of invisibility if it meant that you farted all the time?  The general consensus was that the power would still be worth having even though people wouldn’t be able to see you, they could smell your horrific farts.  People would blame each other for these anonymous guffs and hilarity would ensue.  Daydreaming is great for exercising your creativity, putting yourself in implausible situations and fully realising that mind-space will allow greater problem solving and creativity in all turns of life.

Step four:  Make mistakes

There is a saying, “a true master of his craft is someone who has made all the mistakes possible.”  Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, sometimes they can be dead-ends, sometimes they can be pathways to new treasure.  Would Alexander Fleming have discovered Penicillin if he had forgot to put a petri dish away?  Would Chris Columbus have discovered America if he hadn’t got a “bit” lost?

Step five: Push the boundaries

Keep creative by living on the fringe on occasion!  Wear all your clothes at the same time; tear them off like Hulk Hogan.  Do art on yourself. Dance until you puke!  Keeping happy, creative and open are some of the key things to art. Everyone wants to feel more than they did yesterday and this is the best way to feel alive!  Take a look at another marvellous idiots opinions at: John Cleese has built a career on being very very silly after all.

Idiots are happier than you. They love, live and dance harder and faster than you could comprehend.  So, stop listening to The Smiths you big sad face. Start making mistakes, spin on your chair, eat too many lollies and have some fun!

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