5 ways to assist your Digital Marketing consultant!

As an experienced Digital Marketing Campaign manager at Media Heroes, I often get the vibe from my clients that they love the work that we are doing for them but they miss getting ‘hands-on’ with their website.  This is definitely something that we encourage, but we know that quite often the trickiest part is knowing where to start! In today’s blog post, I’ve decided to write my TOP 5 ways that you can to contribute to your own website and help your SEO campaign!


1. Content, content, content!

Google LOVESSSSS content! Content of any size, shape or form is absolutely priceless for any SEO campaign. This applies for local Search Engine Optimisation Brisbane campaigns and for national SEO campaigns equally. The reason for this is that Google is simply a series of algorithms, which needs relevant content to understand what a website is about. If you help us write great content for your website not only will Google be able to understand your website a bit better, but it will also provide a great resource for your customers to read!

Common examples of content includes case studies, company updates, intimate knowledge of your industry etc – the list goes on!

Please keep in mind that there is one very important rule for writing content:



2. Marketing / Advertising Schedules

We love that Digital Marketing is such an important part of your business! We understand that you aren’t in an exclusive relationship with us though, and that you may very well be supplementing your Digital Marketing with other forms of marketing and advertising. Not only are we okay with that, we actually want to support you with it!

If you provide your Digital Marketing consultant with an overview of your marketing and advertising schedule, they will be able to incorporate some of the data into your Digital Marketing campaign and ensure that you have a very well rounded service.


3. Real World Connections

Do you have any suppliers, business partners, industry connections in the real world? Of course you do!!

In digital marketing Brisbane campaigns, we look to take some of the real-world connections bring these relationships into the online world. Quite often this will be a mutually beneficial arrangement, where both parties can benefit from simply acknowledging each other on the web.

All you have to do is let your Digital Marketing campaign manager know about these connections and with your permission they’ll do all of the leg work on your behalf!


4. Promotion / Educational Materials

In another life I may have been an electrician, a tattoo artist or a makeup artist, but I’m certainly not in this lifetime!!

In order for your Digital Marketing Campaign Manager to up their game and dive into the thick of your business, they are always craving intimate knowledge of the ins and outs of your trade. Through this learning process, they are able to create a killer campaign that accurately reflects your brand and your services!!

If you ever stumble across something that may be useful to your campaign manager, no matter how big or how small, please don’t hesitate to send it to them!

Common examples of promotional and educational materials that we receive are pamphlets, brochures, information packs, PDF’s, links to niche websites and more! The list goes on!

Your consultant doesn’t care how they receive this information, so if you have to mail it, fax it, scan it, link it or send it via Morse Code then don’t hesitate – just send away!!


5. Reviews

Who would you rather buy from – someone who says they’re the best, or someone that has 30 customers saying that they’re the best for them? That’s what I thought.

Collecting reviews and testimonials for your products and services is EXTREMELY VALUABLE for your Digital Marketing Campaign. Not only will they provide incredible credibility for your brand, product and services, but they will also help your website to gain a strong presence in Google.

There are so many different ways that we can use your reviews – we can put them on your website, put them on external review sites, arrange for them to display on Google – the opportunities are endless. The best way to approach this is to speak with your Digital Marketing Campaign manager, and they can advise what the best method is going to be for your particular business.

In the meantime, just get collecting!!!



In today’s blog post, we have covered the top 5 ways that you can assist your Digital Marketing Campaign Manager and your website. The biggest piece of advice I can give you is to just get started on one of these, no matter how small you may begin. I promise you that once you see how easy this is to do and the positive effects that it will have on your campaign, you will build momentum and get more and more involved.

If you have any questions at all about anything in today’s article (EVEN IF YOU AREN’T A CLIENT AT MEDIA HEROES YET!!!) please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your Digital Marketing Campaign Manager or myself, Alistair Roberts, via phone on 1800 464 376 or via our contact form.