Axis the new visual browser – First impressions count

Axis is the new Plug n play skin browser from what was the seemingly dwindling Yahoo. Is it enough to capture a greater percentage of the massive search marketplace?

Axis has been pitched at the frontline of the browser battlefield. The mobile interface is the heart of most search these days. The ‘mobile first’ reality of today has created the greatest opportunity for Axis as it is visually driven and on a handset where staring at data isn’t pleasing to the eye, aesthetics are king!

One of the key elements here is the unification of searching and browsing with the two terms becoming more intrinsic with each passing technology driven day.  With onestep browsing from a toolbar at the bottom of your html5 browser (that inconveniently sits over my Grooveshark controls) you are given a small screenshot of the homepage of the leading sites brought forth by the yahoo search engine .

This currently may be the biggest issue as Yahoos search engine has filled a significantly shrinking role in the search marketplace at 1.47% (source: Experian) and for good reason. Slow to use, slow to adapt and yielding inconsistent, poor results which may be most visible when axis searching the words ‘Yahoo Axis’ the first dozen or more results are not related to the launch of Yahoo’s grand new search offering!

But this may be of little impact as it’s ease of use is something the general public may be after and not understanding the variance in search engines and quality results that fact that it runs a Yahoo algorithm may just be something our SEO departments may have to adapt to.

Have Yahoo found a recipe for success or will this be another trending term amongst the web faithful? All this web designer knows is result selection driven by pleasing, quality UI design is something he likes the sound of.