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Be yourself; everyone else Is already taken

Read on to find out what our heroes have been reading online

Recently during a hectic week of concept design deadlines, I found myself scrambling and lacking the inspiration I needed to get into that 5th gear designer groove. I strolled down my usual route of design inspiration. From Pinterest, Awwawards, Industry Research, to my Personal collection of web design bookmarks, nothing hit me.

I threw Spotify on shuffle – amazed, still nothing hit me. All I had was a blank canvas and a ticking clock. Stress levels quickly rising…

That’s when I stumbled across a great article on Web Designer Depot that captured me right away – 35+ Inspiring quotes for designers.

Just like that I shifted from 2nd gear to 5th and took out a few speed cameras along the way.

So if you’re having ‘one of those days’ and need a dash of inspiration to get things moving along, I highly recommend taking a few minutes out and treating your eyes and mind to this.

What’s your favourite??

Staycee Pine :