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Best words for email contact forms & other simple CRO Tips

Improve conversion rates through by using the best words for email contact forms.

Oli Gardner from Unbounce  (you can find him here)

In this article Oli talks about how contact forms are a barrier to your business getting those precious enquiries. He talks through some really simple steps for improving your conversion rates.

  •        Make forms short and simple
  •        If you can take of phone numbers from contact forms
  •        Forms with 3 fields had the highest conversion rate at 25%
  •        Test – Use different wording to encourage people to take action e.g Click Here
  •        DON’T use submit try and aim for less intimidating language such as “Click Here” and “Go”

If you want to know more there is a great infographic from Quick Sprout.

Smriti Chawla from Visual Website Optimizer (you can find her here)

Smriti shares some valuable best practices for conversion rate optimisation. With 21 one tried and tested tips it’s a great place for anyone new to conversion rate optimisation to get started with minimal risk.

There are some great take away points such as how to choose a colour for your calls to action, its not the actual colour that makes a difference it’s the best contrast to the rest of your design that makes a difference.

Many conversion rate experts are recommending that the once popular image sliders should be removed, with most people landing on the correct pages it is better to have a static offer, as people have become blind to banners and ignore them.

An old post this one. Dan Zarrella (you can find him on Twitter @danzarrella)

HubSpot analysed over 40,000 landing pages. He found that by asking for a phone number in contact form was one of three fields that killed conversions rates. (Image credit to Hubspot)

Adding a phone number field on contact forms kills conversions rates – email contact forms

On my Twitter travels this morning I saw this great little thread between mattfieldingSEO and @TheWebPsych. Simple. Well worth testing.

Twitter thread highlighting the importance of ‘ticks’ versus ‘bullet points’ – best words for email contact forms

There we go. If you have anymore gems you think are worth reading I would love to hear about them. Here at Media Heroes, our experts can give you all the help you need for contact forms and any other aspects of your digital strategy.

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