DDD Brisbane: What’s next for the web

A weekend at DDD and why you should go

What is DDD

DDD which stands for (Developer, Developer, Developer) is a conference held each year in Brisbane and Melbourne to bring developers together to share knowledge. This was my first conference of this kind and I have to say it was really amazing. If you have any interest in development I would go just to greet and meet the other web developers in Brisbane.

I spoke to a few other developers there all from different areas of development and they gave me a great insight into the world of backend web development.

What was my favourite lecture?

My favourite lecture of the day was Maurice Butlers talk on “What is this Node.js thing and why should I care”. It really showed me the power of Javascript as a language and in connection with Hadi Hariri’s talk on how developers can change the world, focusing less on entertainment and more on life changing technology.

It was really eye opening what I can do as a developer. An honourable mention to Scott Hanselman of Microsoft for the funniest lecture of them all.

What did I learn?

The clear message that shone through in almost all of the lectures I attended was that JavaScript is a frontrunner for the future of web development. Open source JavaScript frameworks such as Backbone.JS, AngularJS and Ember.JS are gaining huge popularity in the development world.

Ember javascript - DDD Brisbane
Ember javascript – DDD Brisbane
Angular javascript - DDD Brisbane
Angular javascript – DDD Brisbane
Backbone javascript - DDD Brisbane
Backbone javascript – DDD Brisbane




Whether you welcome it like in Maurice Butlers talk or use it for inspiration like in Scott Hanselman‘s talk on where ASP.NET is going.

What was unexpected from this conference was the lack of PHP knowledge. This was clearly demonstrated when Joel Pobar of Facebook asked the audience “if they knew PHP” and in the lecture hall of around 100 web developers I was the only one to raise my hand.

This may be due to the clear ASP.NET theme to the day but this was still a big surprise for me that so many people used JavaScript without touching PHP.

The web industry is forever changing and evolving, it can be easy to fall into your own little world. Conferences like DDD give you a great refresher on how others are creating and developing web technology. If you are a budding Brisbane web developer or designers I would recommend learning JavaScript fast and trying out some of these frameworks for yourself.

A big thanks to all the speakers for coming to the conference and all the sponsors for making it possible.