Does Design Matter?

If you see an ugly website, do you like it? Would you read, trust or buy from it?

First impression counts, we all know that. If you go to a restaurant and the staff are rude, you don’t feel compelled to stay do you? Websites are no different. They have to look welcoming organised, and trustworthy. They have to be appropriate and they have to be appealing. They also have to be easy to use. Like staff, your website can’t be rude. It’s just bad business.

Get a design that has good manners.

Some websites really are just plain rude. You know the ones. They assault you with flashing banners digitally shouting at you, or with text that screams how you ‘must buy now’ and so forth. A good website design doesn’t do that.

What makes a good website design?

A good website design will be a digital representation of your business.  Your site will work best if it exudes:

  • Credibility
  • Professionalism
  • Confidence

A good website design will offer site visitors the following:

  • A solution to a problem they have
  • Valuable information that is easy to understand
  • A friendly voice
  • Incentives

Get a website so your business can get Googled

Did you know that Google currently records 100 billion search queries per day? That’s a whole bunch of online looking. If your business isn’t there you are handing business to your competitors that are. Don’t make it that easy for them. Get a well-designed website and start competing in the online market. It’s a tough game, but a good web design can see you kicking business goals.

Do good websites generate business?

They sure can. Australians are making decisions based on internet research. This comes straight from the digital gob of Google’s contracted researcher:

“The most important consumer behaviour online is research online before purchase. ‘Research’ used to mean walking around three different stores on a Saturday morning, asking questions. Not any more – Australians love to research their gifts and products online before they go to the store. The visit to a store or an outlet is to confirm their information, make final choices, and finalize the deal. Any retailer who is not part of the online research journey for shoppers is lucky to have shoppers come into the store.”

Get a good web design because it is good business

Your website is the most powerful online tool you can have, it has the power to attract or turn customers away within a few seconds. These few seconds could be the only impression anybody will ever have of your business ever, so you’ll want to make sure it’s a good one. So why take a chance? Find the best web design company Brisbane wide (or where ever you live) and invest in the most important marketing asset your business will ever have.

Does website design actually matter?

Like you business depends on it!