Embedding You Tube & Google Maps In iframes

Good day internet world. Just a quick little entry today on a little feature that will help with the ever fun W3C Validation process. W3C validation is not for everyone but it is a good check-up to see simple oversights in markup and builds good habits.

As you have no doubt found, when embedding the Google Maps HTML or a Youtube video into your site you get the addition of an iframe. Iframes have received a new lease of life with the gathering pace of HTML5 but are still not kosher with our requirements to validate each site with the W3C’s strict regulations.

A nice simple side step to this is to embed the maps URL or youtube HTML within the confines the data field of an


Maps Example

Nice and simple yes…..?

Just quickly whilst you are here you would see that the maps http above is quite long. Quite recently Google have updated whatever part of their algorithm to allow for effective customisation of how exactly the map shows up in your link. Just choose “Customise and preview embedded map”.

Shimmy it around where you need it and copy the required element of the HTML into it’s data="home"