Is It A Bird Is It A Plane?

So the Mojo Media Group team are in the midst of an extreme and quite interesting transformation. Each and everyone of us is currently being assessed to work out what each of our individual super powers are. Having spent the last 18 months as a The Mojo Media Group the chance to break out and become a Media Hero is a little too good to be passed upon.

Having spent all our lives just feeling a little “different” has not been easy for any member of the Hero team. Whether it’s being ridiculed for above average intelligence, singled out for rare and extraordinary paper mache skills in kindy/playschool or using naturally cunning language skills to create good in the world whilst other kids were eating their own ear wax. We have each been singled out, but now……….it’s our turn.

We have all been brought together to form a Hero team by Professor R. who’s Toyota Yaris of justice you may have seen patrolling the streets of Brisbane.

We have recently received a new addition to the team. Until now this poor soul has been bestowing it’s powers of caffeination and vibratey noisiness upon those who didn’t recognise it’s true potential. Now as a vital member of the Media Heroes family it’s talents to create jittery, fast talking and wide eyed designers, web developers and SEO┬áconsultants will be utilised, some may say abused………but it loves it.

As our team of genetic anomalies grows, gathers strength and momentum, more exceptional characters will be welcomed with open arms. Their skills will be nurtured and their growth from “regular” members of society to Media Heroes will be encouraged and expedited.

There are times in ones life when you could use the help of a hero (preferably a caffeinated one as they work faster). When you find yourself in this position, look to the skies……..actually that won’t work………probably better you get in touch with us………..yeah actually definitely call us.

Well it seems my work here is done. I’m off to apply my super power to a tall glass of ale in the spirit of Christmas. So a merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.