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Jigo – creating products

How to create a product in Jigo

1. Navigate to Products > Add Product

Adding a product in Jigo

2. Type your product’s Title, Description, and choose a Product Category

Adding product title, description and category in Jigo

3. Under “Product Data”, choose a Simple product type, and fill in a short Summary about the product

4. Optionally, fill in a Weight and SKU. If you don’t see one of these fields, be sure to enable it in the menu.

Adding product weight and SKU in Jigo

5. Select the Pricing tab and enter your price and tax options.

Entering product price and tax options in Jigo

6. You can also set an Inventory & Attribute.

7. Adding Images

7.1. You can add one or many images for each product

Adding product images in Jigo

7.2. FEATURED IMAGE – The featured image is the main photo which is displayed every
where there is a link to this product as well as being the largest image on the product page.

Assigning a featured image to a product:

  1. Go to your product edit page
  2. Click “Set featured image” (Right side bar)
Adding a featured image to a product in Jigo

7.3. DRAG AND DROP to add more images click “Upload/Insert”

Using ‘drag & drop’ to add more product images in Jigo

Here you can add as many images as you need either by dragging the files into the Drop
dialog, or use the “Select Files” button to find the files on your computer.

Alternately ‘select files’ to add more product images in Jigo

Once they’ve all been added, simply close the “Set featured image” dialogue and view your product.

8. And your all done! Hit Publish to activate the product to your Shop.

Click ‘publish’ to activate product in Jigo

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