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Jigo products explained

Jigo Products

Product Types

  • Simple – Simple products don’t have any product type options and are the most basic product type.
  • Downloadable –  This allows customers to download a file after purchase.
  • Grouped – Grouped products display a group of products on one page. If you are selling computer parts – you can have a grouped product and then sell the keyboard, monitor and mouse from the same page.
  • Variable – These products allow you to sell an item with several variations which can have different weights and SKU (stock keeping units) settings. So say a top that has different sizes and colors.
  • Virtual – These are similar to a Simple product and has no shipping fees. So a service or a gift card that is being paid for.
  • Parent Product – Grouped Products will be listed here. Select a Grouped Product you wish for the product you’re changing to be a part of. This means when visiting the parent product, your product will be listed under it.

General settings

  • Post Order – If your Catalog Sort Order option is set to Product Post Order, then this field is where you assign a value for the order the products should be displayed in.
  • Summary –  This field usually displays next to the price and cart buttons on the products page, it allows you to add a punchy description that draws a customer in.
  • SKU – or Stock Keeping Unit once assigned this will show on the single product page. Leave it blank and only the product ID will be used to identify the product.
  • Weight – Here you can assign a weight for a product this will display on the single product page can also be used to calculate shipping
  • Featured – Select Yes to display a product on the homepage and in the featured products widget.

Visibility – There are four options to choose from.

  • Catalog & Search – Allows the product to be viewed from both the normal Shop page (catalog) and any search features.
  • Catalog – this means products can only be found through the websites navigation and not via a search.
  • Search – Does not display the product on the Shop page (catalog), but allows it to be viewed in search results. Will prevent users from accessing the product directly.
  • Hidden – This prevents a product from displaying in the store and in search results as well as prevent visitors from accessing a product directly.


  • Regular Price – This is the main price field
  • Sale Price – This allows you to add a for sale price to the product
  • Sale Price Dates – This allows you to say when the sale price should be active.
  • Tax Status – Here you can choose from taxed, just shipping, or not taxed.
  • Tax Class – Here are a list of tax classes that you have set up yourself.


Here you can manage stock and back order settings.


Visible – Displays an “Additional Information” tab on the single product page, next to “Description”, containing the attribute you’ve assigned Visible.

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