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Media Heroes at The Brisbane Zombie Walk

Media Heroes at The Brisbane Zombie Walk

This Sunday a few dedicated members of the Media Heroes team went to represent us at the Brisbane Zombie Walk an event that raises money and awareness for the Brain Foundation of Australia and is the biggest of its kind in the world.

After arriving at Victoria Park to have their make-up done by some scary special effect experts, they took in some gruesome sites, attended zombie school with the guys from “The Walking Dead” and then got splattered with fake blood at the splatter tent.

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“Wandering the streets with 20,000 other zombies is one of the most fun things I have done in a while.  Screaming, rolling in blood and being an undead celebrity is the perfect way to spend a Sunday” Will (freaky eye socket zombie)

“I got my hands on a set of scrubs, gave them a worn “zombie apocalypse” feel, swiftly relieved the girlfriends daughter of an old unloved dolly and with the addition of some well applied makeup myself and “zombaby” apparently became F-Grade celebrities for the day” Damian (crazy surgeon zombie)

“It was awesome, lots of fantastic costumes and it was heaps of fun scaring people” Alex (face welt)

“Brilliant day! I loved that the event was secured by the umbrella corporation from resident evil. Want to be famous for a day? Get yourself an awesome costume and get to a zombie walk!” Anna (1950’s ice cream seller zombie)

“It was a pretty crazy day and had a blast messing around as a zombie!” Ben (the dandy zombie)

Media Hero Zombies the movie coming soon!

Special thanks to Goregeous Portraits who turned Will in to a freaky deformed zombie with exploding eye sockets and the awesome fellow from Dream Weaver FX who airbrushed Damian to within an inch of this life. We where chuffed with how ace we all looked.

Alistair Roberts :