Media Heroes Combines Old With New In Bundaberg

The difficulty is that many business owners in regional areas are of my age group – all the other employees in this office are the same age or younger than my son. How do we combine old with new?  Media Heroes Managing Director has the answer!  Find an experienced person in business and marketing and retrain them to modern marketing methods – too easy I hear you say.

I was very enthusiastic about this new employment opportunity, experienced previous business owner, winner of business awards in Bundaberg.  Felt I was pretty savvy with the internet, thought I understood all about the web, would show these young guns a thing or two.   Well – didn’t really pan out that way.  So much to learn and I was always terrible with foreign languages.

The marketing principles are the same – create interest, desire and prompt to action.  Then the foreign language comes into play.  I have a new respect for Web Designers and Search Engine Optimisers, they both have completely different jobs to do and yet work so closely together to achieve the best result for the customers.  The Web Heroes team have been great – they have painfully explained how the web works and how to best utilise marketing for my potential customers.  I really had no idea!  This does need so much knowledge and there seem to be a lot of companies out there ripping off clients.

What a relief to realise that here the customers still get good, old fashioned advice and that this company just wants to provide the best service in a modern market place.  I can do this!

It’s the end of a 2 week training course and the foreign language and me are beginning to get along – I can’t wait to help regional business owners in Bundaberg and the Wide Bay area move into the modern marketing world and save them some money.

Frantastic Fran