Mid Meeting Love Ballads – Yes Please!

So you’re sitting in a monthly bored meeting….sorry board meeting and you have a headphone in one ear which is jacked into your i-device (undoubtedly only to take important calls during the meeting). Then through your wandering mind you remember that awesome new Mariah Carey ear splitter you heard on the way to work and wish you could put yourself through again….dream no more my soppy ballad loving friends, well actually keep dreaming but the reality is ever closer.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has approved Apple’s U.S. Patent (first filed in 2009) for “Playback control using a touch interface.” Lemme explain.

With simple gestures you can control your media on your i-device whilst it displays nothing on its screen. The patent lists simple commands like a single tap for play/pause, double for moving to the next item and clockwise for increasing volume etc.

What I’m saying is that 80’s power ballads can be tearing your heart asunder whilst your National Director explains the finer points of strategic accounts management. Good stuff hey! So for now its back to trying to pass notes under the table while we await Apple to advance the time wasting a little further. Carry on Apple. Get in touch with Media Heroes today for more latest trends.