Mojo Media Group changes into Media Heroes!

Media Heroes is the new name for the Mojo Media Group! As of March 1st 2012, we’ll be changing our name, but don’t worry; we’re the same great team with the same mission to help our customers succeed.

Why the change?

We love the brand Mojo, but after nearly 2 years of building a strong business foundation, we found some people have mistaken us for other businesses using Mojo in their branding. While we could have forged ahead and secured the trademark, we didn’t want to confuse anyone and we wanted to build a strong and distinct identity for ourselves. After much brainstorming we decided we’d fly the new flag of Media Heroes. And just quietly…we love the brand even more than Mojo!

Why Media Heroes?

We spent a lot of time thinking about what we stand for as a company. We want to be the best web marketing company in Australia, and not just measured by our bottom line, but by the positive and lasting effect we have on our customers’ businesses. We’re successful because we have the knowledge and skills to beat any of our competitors and most importantly, because we genuinely want to help people. At the core of our company is a real integrity and a desire to help our customers be super-successful. When a customer comes on board with us, we understand that we have a responsibility to live up the trust they’ve placed in us and we’ll do everything in our power to ensure their success.

When we meet a potential new client, we take the time to explain how web marketing works and what they need to do to gain a competitive advantage, so that they’re empowered with the right knowledge from the start. We commonly find that their previous web company has not explained anything to them or worse, has mislead them and delivered little or no results. Over time, it started to feel we were saving business owners from the doldrums of poor web marketing and stagnant business growth. It started to feel like it was our mission to save as many businesses as possible and bring them on board, so we could help them. We started feeling a little like ‘heroes of the web’ and that’s how we come up with the new name ‘Media Heroes’. We hope you like it as much as we do.

Has anything else changed?

In short, this is simple change of brand; so there is no change to ownership, ABN, team members or anything else. We will be changing our email addresses, but the old ones will still work for some time. We will also be introducing a new central phone number and upgrading our phone system to improve customer service. The new phone number is 1800 GO HERO (1800 464 376), but again the old numbers will work for some time until the changeover is complete.

The other big change is our website! You will now see that if you type in this will automatically forward you to our new website   – we’ve had a lot of fun with this design and we hope you really like it. A big thanks to the whole team for their huge efforts in getting our new site completed, I think it’s something to be very proud of, so well done. Please do get involved in our ‘Hero Updates’, which is our quarterly eMagazine and our Facebook page, so we can continue to share the latest information with you all.

As part of the brand change, we are also looking hard at our customer service and we will be introducing many new innovations over the coming months to improve communication and increase the personal contact you have with us, especially with our SEO Consultants.

That’s about it for now. If you have any questions or comments, please let us know. Otherwise, we look forward to a wonderful 2012 working with all of you.

Kind regards,

Alistair Roberts