Shooting creative blanks?

Just wipe yourself off and start again.

Sometimes we all shoot blanks creatively; we have all had that moment where all we can do is think in clichés.  Here are 5 of my key ways to bring back the lead filled goodness.  Remember, only hippies like blanks.  Damned peaceniks, cut your hair!

Get more creative, stop being a cliché!  With these 5 tips you will be shooting from the hip in no time, you rootin’ tootin’ cowboy, you.

1) Word Association

Throwing words together can often bring amazing results!  Skirting around an issue will often show differing ways of attack to a subject.  My favourite thing is to write a long list of words associated with the subject. Then I mix them up and connect them together for new results.  David Bowie taught me that, and he is never wrong. Even in the 80’s, when everyone was wrong, good ol’ David was under pressure against labyrinthine odds to be a hero.

2) Get Inspired!

Do a quick Google image search around the subject, look on your favourite blogs or your own resources.  Good research is essential to keeping creatively active.  Take 10 minutes out and look at your favourite haunts on the interwebs.  Soon you will be full of the juju required to throw some ideas together and squirt them on the page.

3) Don’t Start, Don’t Stop

If I ever get stuck these days I just start doodling around the subject with no intention to look at the bigger design.  This way I am tricking myself not into starting, even though I am. If I start with the small things then the big parts will often come naturally. The other trick in this two-pronged attack is to don’t let yourself stop and realise that you don’t know what you are doing, just keep on trucking!  Eventually you get a thread of where you need to be, and then it’s just a case of unravelling that big, sexy jumper!

4) Don’t Complete Anything

A great little tip is never leave a day having fully completed something, always leave something incomplete, be it a paragraph, sentence or a design.

Picasso once said that finishing a work would mean that you are through with it, that you have killed it and gotten rid of its soul. Don’t get rid of your work’s soul, leave something undone!

This way when you get back to whatever you are doing, you have something to immediately start working on.  None of that apathy to begin ever again!  Just get up and get working lazyface, I mean honestly, your face is SO LAZY!

5) Ask a Team Mate!

Get someone else’s opinion!  Fresh eyes are often better than your worn out, aged, decrepit goggles!  Asking someone can give you a different angle and a different approach!  Simple!  Of course you do run the risk of them being better than you.  If they are, just say you thought of that idea FOREVER ago, and dismissed it.  Later on, claim it as your own when it’s finished and awesome. I kid, I kid!

If you have any other rituals to get over a creative blank, do share it with us! Get in touch with media heroes, we would love to hear what you do to shoot creative blanks and kill the bandidos of apathy, indifference and cliché.  Shine on, you crazy diamonds!