So Google’s knowledge graph seems pretty interesting huh!?

For me it was a fun way to find Stevie Wonder’s info at a glance and that the higher classification of a chicken is apparently the Red Junglefowl, a tropical member of the Pheasant family.

But in further reading I found some pretty incredible information.

Metaweb co-founder John Giannandrea had been beating round the idea of creating a way of sharing information on the web that you didn’t even realise you wanted to know. Things that are directly linked to the search you did. They did this by creating a machine readable catalog of…….well…..everything on the Earth!

This is in essence Google’s Knowledge Graph.

So began the mission of creating a catalog of all the things on our earth…….no small feat. So where do you start you ask? Well you just start somewhere because everything is linked to everything, oceans to rivers, rivers to bridges, bridges to road, roads to cities, cities to people, to races, cars, companies, jobs…..and the list goes on!

There is a great article on this here thanks to the Mashable team.

I implore you to take 10 minutes out of your day and marvel at the next big step in the Googlification of our world.