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Social Media Comes to the Rescue in Natural Disaster

Social Media Comes To The Rescue

Social media is a form of communication; the majority of people use it on a social level to keep in touch with friends. But in the wake of ex-tropical cyclone Oswald, I was to discover another side to this social media platform, a side that helps to communicate crucial messages and save lives.

When the normal methods of communication are down, and evacuation messages, news and updates need to be communicated to people cut off and vulnerable. Social media has come to the rescue.

This social disaster network has been used not only in Australia during the floods, but during Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, earthquakes in both Asia and Haiti, and also the tsunami in Indonesia and Japan.

Social media is a a powerful tool, and we dont realise how these platforms can be adapted to communicate a more serious message, when all traditional methods have failed, and the websites can’t cope with extreme traffic during a natural disaster.

This is why all government bodies and emergency relief agencies keep active with up to the minute social media campaigns. As they recognise how vital it can be during a crisis. This is applicable not just during the immediate plight, but social media will also be used for organising the relief effort which follows.

Our means of communication are ever evolving, with a large majority of manual tasks being automated online. Disasters like these, just demonstrate the power of having an online presence if you are an individual, business, or organisation, and the true strength & reach of social media platforms.

They are important and powerful platforms, which can pull together a community in times of crisis, and help to guide and inform isolated individuals in the path of a natural disaster.

The weather is certainly unpredictable. However what we can predict, is that this is just the start of how we will use social media, and in the next few years we will integrate all aspects of our social, business and personal lives into our profiles, eventually solely communicating via social media.

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