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What the heck is Google + and why should I care

What the heck is Google+ and why should you care? Read on to find out more.

Google+ is a social network created by Google. It allows you to create a profile, post status updates, images, links and videos. You can create a Google+ profile using your Gmail account or creating a new account here https://plus.google.com .

For People

Like most social networks Google+ lets you interact with people over the Internet whether you know them or not. Unlike Facebook, Google+ is not focused on your close friends and unlike Twitter, it feels more personal. Google+ sits between these two groups. There is around 343 Million Active users on Google+ so you are likely to find someone you find interesting.

Google+ has added features like Hangouts which is an instant message service with a twist. You can video call from inside your browser as well as host hangouts to the public. One Notable person  to use Hangouts is Barrack Obama which used Google+ Hangouts for Q and A’s with the public. I have used Hangouts to talk to my buddies.  Google+ nails the mix of business and personal really well.

For Businesses

Google+ allows you to connect with customers on a personal level. Google+ Pages are like a mini website for you business. It allows your business to be its own thing on the Internet.

Another great feature is Google authorship which connects to your profile. Basically with Authorship you’re saying ‘this is my website and I write content for it’. Google+ is a great help for SEO. With Google authorship it not only helps where your site is on searches but also adds a visual element  to your link. This small changes lets you stand out in a sea of links.

Google authorship is one of the many benefits of Google Plus

Your business page connects not only to Google search but also with Google Maps allowing customers to find your locations and contact information. This is hugely powerful because Android phones make up 81% of the global smartphone market in Q3 2013 and have Google maps installed by default. On top of that Google maps has soared to the top of the Apple App store. Which means you have already greatly increased your chance of discovery .

Whether you are a small or a big business Google+ can help you with discovery, standing out and customer connection. It’s a great way to ease into the social media scene and give your business a boost.

As a person, Google+ is great to stay in touch with friends. I think its features and ease of use far surpass any other social networks. Facebook and Twitter better watch their backs!

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