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What is Pinterest & Why it’s so dang cool!

The Tail On The Donkey - What Is Pinterest?

Only 3 years young, Pinterest has gained more monthly visits faster than any other website before (yes even including Facebook!).  What’s more interesting though, is recent studies have found it to drive more traffic than Twitter. What the…

Aside from its popularity, let’s look at some other reasons why we think Pinterest is pretty dang cool!

Modern age scrapbooking.

Everyone loves a pretty picture and to collect things, right? What if you could create your own digital scrapbook that oozed style that you could then share with thousands of other like-minded people? Well now you can – behold the world of Pinterest!

The concept behind Pinterest is quite simple and puts itself into a realm of its own. Featuring a ‘Masonry’ style layout teamed up with infinite scrolling; there probably isn’t a better combination for an addictive user experience that sneakily steals hours of your life.

What you will find is, as a user you are 200% engaged in the content, you’re not looking for the ‘next page’ button, or being distracted by a flashy sales pitch. You are simply engaged in the content that loads indefinitely as you scroll. This is great!  But can be a little scary when you eventually come out of your Pinterest coma asking what day it is…

A boost to traffic.

Because each image on Pinterest is backed with a click through link to it’s original website, there is a great chance for small business owners to increase traffic – that’s assuming you have a website full of images! If you do, you’re good to go!

With the use of ‘pins’ people can ‘pin’ your image to their board on Pinterest – thus creating a link back through to your site which will increase your traffic.

There are a few different social sharing options available to do this – just ask your web designer.

Effective way of brand building.

Don’t just think Pinterest is a retail wonderland. There’s no hiding the fact that Business to Consumer (B2C) marketers have hit the jackpot here, but it’s also the go to place for information in any field. Much of the imagery pinned to members boards doesn’t just point to an online store or a sales page – Articles, DIY guides and Galleries are very frequent click through destinations from Pinterest too.

Here’s a thought, if you have some really good content in the form of a blog post on your site, you could team it up with an eye catching visual – incorporate the ‘pin it’ button and let the image go to town!

Infographics are also a hot commodity; they give you the chance to share knowledge of your industry.  After all we are visual beings – great imagery attracts – do it!

A source of inspiration.

There are no boundaries when it comes to inspiration on Pinterest. Regardless of your tastes you can’t look past its unique personality, images that ooze with style, or the sparsely designed interface & usability that has left web designer in a fluster.

With the range of content available on Pinterest there literally is something for everyone – even your goldfish!

From interior designers, engineers, dressmakers, bakers, painters, gardeners, arts & crafts enthusiasts, to Joe Blogs – If you can think of it, you can most probably find it. And if you need some inspiration, or keen to just browse and admire beautiful things then Pinterest is your fix!

Collect. Organise. Share.

It’s easy to understand how Pinterest has attracted 70million users, and made its mark on the social media market – much kudos goes to the team of designers and developers behind the simple design, usability, and social-ness of the whole site. Pinterest makes collecting, organising and sharing FUN!

So if you haven’t ditched this article already to go checkout Pinterest, you’re missing out! Give it 5minutes, and you’ll be eating out the Pinterest hand 😉

Here at Media Heroes our social media experts know all about successful online marketing and how Pinterest could be good for your business. Get in touch today to find out more.

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